When disaster strikes your customers...

Real-time recommendations ensure we avoid compliance and brand risk by not contacting customers affected by a disaster.

Real-time recommendations ensure we avoid compliance and brand risk by not contacting customers.

Accurate micro-targeting lets us pinpoint those not directly affected – so we can keep calling, even within a disaster zone.

Accurate micro-targeting pinpoints those not directly affected – so we can keep calling, even within a disaster zone.

Smarter contact decisions during disasters
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What’s your disaster operations strategy?

When a natural or man-made disaster strikes your customers, do you know how to respond - where to suspend contact and when to resume?

If you're relying on traditional strategies that are too narrow - tracking only hurricanes - or much too broad for your capabilities - forcing you to scan the Internet for news - you're likely bringing inefficiencies to your operation and exposing your brand to unnecessary risk.

With ContactRelief, our cloud-based platform modernizes your disaster operational strategies, ensuring you maintain efficiencies while protecting your brand, no matter the disaster. Through timely, comprehensive recommendations that are accurate to the ZIP Code, ContactRelief’s automated Disaster Decision Engine provides precise, actionable intelligence that lets you discover what’s affecting your customers, decide the appropriate response, and instantly direct contact suspension and resumption where necessary across your whole contact ecosystem.

Discover Disasters

Alerts from public and private alerting authorities along with breaking news are monitored around the clock by our cloud-based systems and staff of analysts.

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Decide What to Do

Decide how to interact with your customers using a customizable, rules-driven decision engine that generates precise localized contact strategy recommendations.

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Direct the Action

Communicate to CRM, dialer, and omni-channel systems and partner ecosystems to reach 5X more customers.

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What is the Disaster Decision Engine?

Here's how ContactRelief strengthens your contact operations

  • Proactively deepen your relationship with consumers

    By tailoring your contact strategy before, during and after disaster events you demonstrate compliance while driving a stronger positive relationship with consumers impacted by crisis events. Sending the right message at the right time can boost positive brand image and result in a more loyal customer.

  • Reduce your potential exposure to adverse actions

    Our accurate and timely intelligence ensures you remain in compliance with regulations during disaster events. By rapidly adjusting contact strategies to avoid inappropriate outreach you show compliance with no-contact regulations.

  • Decrease the cost of implementing your consumer care policy

    Our automated alerts can streamline implementation of your contact strategies, saving you time and money. With accurate and timely information automatically delivered, ContactRelief can reduce reliance on and even eliminate manual processes, improve efficiency and drive cost out of your policy implementation efforts.

  • Bring ease to strategy development and execution

    ContactRelief’s Disaster Decision Engine does the work for you. Our automated system integrates trusted data sources with your user defined rules to provide intelligent insights that ensure your organization’s success, all from a single mouse click.

  • Assist in making accurate and rapid decisions

    ContactRelief recommendations are reviewed by industry experts to ensure accuracy and delivered in near real time. No waiting for inaccurate or imprecise data sourced from incomplete data sources.

  • Automate communication with internal and external partners

    Our recommendations can easily integrate with your call management system and be designed to automatically be broadcast to partners and other members of your contact team. Creating a seamless disaster-oriented action plan is simple using ContactRelief’s actionable intelligence-based recommendations.

RMAi Members

RMAi Certified Companies must stop consumer contact during natural disasters

Are you prepared for the next disaster?

Disasters can strike at a moment’s notice. That’s why, at ContactRelief, we provide round the clock disaster monitoring to keep your operations ahead of disasters. With timely, comprehensive recommendations that are accurate to the ZIP code, ContactRelief ensures you focus less on the disaster, and more on your operations.

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Ready to Avoid a Contact Strategy Disaster?

The next disaster is on its way. Avoid a contact strategy disaster by relying on the disaster contact strategy experts at ContactRelief. Get advance warning of impending events. Automate your contact suspension and resumption decisions based on type and severity of the disaster. Issue real-time directions to your internal and external contact operations.

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The 3 Keys to Managing Contact During Disasters
All types of natural and man-made disasters
Map the disaster zone and automate decisioning
Keep internal and external contact operations acting in sync